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MiDashboard is a subsidiary company fully owned by MiProfile. It enables over 50 million entrepreneurs just like "YOU," to seamlessly, and systematically grow, and manage all aspects of their online business, with global reach, powerful tools, and reliable support.





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Who We Are

MiDashboard brings together highly experienced entrepreneurs, driven by a sense of purpose, and ambition, to transform society to do the things that really matter..

What We Do

We build business relationships, and identify or pursue reliable, sustainable, and most importantly - profitable business opportunities!

Who Can Join?

Individuals, Entrepreneurs, & Professionals!

Our web-based application expands worldwide and is responsive to any device.

That's It!

Getting started couldn't be easier:

  • Step 1: Create your account,
  • Step 2: Refer a friend,
  • Step 3: Get rewarded for life

  • As simple as that!!

    Our Mission

    As a MiProfile Affiliate, you are part of a "Worldwide Network" of Entrepreneurs, united by a common mission to solve some of the world's biggest challenges, namely hunger, poverty, and unemployment.